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  Support 12+ cryptocurrencies and more coming!
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Our Features
Fire Faucet is packed with a lot of features for best experience!

Highest Rates
We offer the highest rates around. Your rates keep on increased as you use the site and level up!

Instant Payments
We pay instantly to your FaucetHub wallet without any minimum amount required.

Daily Ranking
The more you use our site, your daily rank increases. We reward top 20 users every day with huge rewards!

Level System
Each task you do, you get EXP for it which levels you up. With each level your bonus increases, moreover you get certain gift!

Referral System
Refer your friends and family to earn even more with our generous referral program!

Secure Connection
Your connection to this site is secured and encrypted with SSL and offers full privacy!

Our Statistics
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1,031,855,420+ sat
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* Stats after 1st September 2018

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